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"Administrative Command, Amphibious Forces, Pacific Fleet Subordinate Command". In some languages, especially those that use certain alphabets, many acronyms come from the governmental use, particularly in the military and law enforcement services. 19 Some dictionaries include additional senses equating acronym with initialism. Initialism, an older word than acronym, seems to be too little known to the general public to serve as the customary term standing in contrast with acronym in a narrow sense." About the use of acronym to only mean those pronounced as words, Fowler's Modern. from " Standard Oil and " Sunoco " Sun Oil Company. Oxford English Dictionary : initialism. Medical Dictionary for the Health Professions and Nursing (2012). In some cases, however, other characters than the first can be selected. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1989. Archived from the original on March 18, 2016. Along the same vein, Zhongguo Zhongyang Dianshi Tai was reduced to Yangshi in the mid-2000s. Small-caps variant edit Small erotisch masage erotische massagesalon brabant caps are sometimes used to make the run of capital letters seem less jarring to the reader. The first is that if they are not reading the entire publication sequentially (which is a common mode of reading then they may encounter an acronym without having seen its expansion. The same convention is still commonly used in the inscriptions on religious icons and the stamps used to mark the eucharistic bread in Eastern Churches. 72 73 This is common with companies that want to retain brand recognition while moving away from an outdated image: American Telephone and Telegraph became AT T, 70 " Kentucky Fried Chicken " became " KFC " to de-emphasize the role of frying in the. Such punctuation is diminishing with the belief that the presence of all-capital letters is sufficient to indicate that the word is an abbreviation.

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While there is no recorded use of military acronyms in documents dating from the American Civil War (acronyms such aubergine in kut sex met donkere vrouwen as " ANV " for "Army of Northern Virginia" post-date the war itself they had become somewhat common in World War I and were very much. "A pronounceable word formed from the initial letters of each word or selected words in a phrase (e.g., aids. The early Christians in Rome, most of whom were Greek rather than Latin speakers, used the image of a fish as a symbol for Jesus in part because of an acronym"fish" in Greek is ichthys which was said to stand for ( Iesous Christos Theou.

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